I am a little upset with how this fitbit versa has only worked for about 2 years. It seems like on the fitbit community site that many versa users are having the same problem.

I would think with as many as their are something could be done about it. My fitbit was working just fine and then boom stopped working. I did the 10 second restart and the screen came on long enough for me to factory reset it and now will not come on at all. This is not a cheap device for only working 2 years.

I have always used fitbit. This is my 3rd device due to upgrading and I have never had an issue with any of the other ones.

Is there something that can be done since many are having the same black out issue?? I dread spending money on buying another one even at 25% if this is going to occur again after 2 years.

Location: Elkton, Maryland

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