I received a Fitbit Alta at a previous job and it worked fine. Didn't need anything fancy.

After I left that job I was given the Alta to take with me. I went to work for Sam's Club and it was a grueling job. I sweated profusely due to the intensity of the job and the pandemic. My Alta didn't like that so it stopped working.

Decided to check out the Fitbits that Sam's Club had and I ordered the Versa 2 and paid $205 including tax in April/May of this year. I was so happy to get it and loved the features. Worked fine for a few months but then noticed I wasn't getting my notifications and did all the shutting down, turning on the watch. Well now it's not working right.

Doesn't record my sleep, my steps, won't sync.

Please I don't want to throw away $200. Can you help me?

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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