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Sent Fitbit back because it wasnt working put their mailer on it. They promised to send us another one of course they didnt when we sent back and stuck in Kansas City for a week and they just updated it so now we got a wait about another week to get it cant get a hold of anyone higher up this company is a joke

User's recommendation: Don’t send watch back to company.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

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I had a problem with my Ionic close to the end of the one year warranty, and CS said it can be fixed by doing a reset. I was concerned about having a related problem after the warranty.

Agreed to send the module to them for replacement. After about 15 days I got the replacement which was a refurbished one with scratches on the screen and dirt in the watch strap mounting slots. Told I had to send them pictures showing the scratches which was difficult. After 3 days I called them and they advised that the pictures that I sent were not what they asked for and needed to do again including a note in the picture showing the case number.

You can't speak to a more senior person but the agent will make a request to them to contact me by email with their decision.

This Ionic was my 5th Fitbit product over about 10 years! Likely going to move to Apple with their proven customer support, and by phone.

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