My details as follows:

Name Desmond Noel Ogle

Email address noelogle@***.com

Location Ireland

Issue Faulty Ionic watches

I submitted an issue in connection with my Ionic watch on the 3rd. October last and it was agreed that the faulty watch would be replaced.

The replacement watch was delivered yesterday afternoon by courier.

It transpires that it too has a problem.

When I opened the package I tried to switch it on to determine the amount of battery power contained in the watch.

It was dead.

I proceeded to connect it to the charger which revealed that it had zero power.

I left it on charge for several hours only to discover that it remained at zero power.

I examined the charging cable and insured the contacts were clean and then reconnected it.

Another two hours passed but the watch still registered zero power.

I had purchased a second cable last year to keep in my car but had never used it. It was still in its sealed package.

I connected it last night thinking that the original cable was possibly faulty.

Some hour later I checked the watch and the charge level was still at zero.

I have to conclude that the replacement watch was “DEAD ON ARRIVAL”

Location: Dublin, Dublin

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