I'm a Fitbit premium customer.

My new Sense watch isn't working/charging. I purchased this watch because, I've had a stroke and this watch is suppose to have ECG feature to monitor your heart and mail to your doctor.

I received this watch approx 3 weeks ago. the first week I had no problems then, the battery started to die quickly. I read customer reviews and some said to turn of GPS setting, which I did, to no avail. Also, because I have to constantly charge it every day, I charge is at night, so it's not monitoring my heart.

I've contacted FitBit customer support and was told to mail this back in and they would send a new one.

I'm not driving currently, so now I have to try to get to the post office to mail this back in. I've reverted to using my old versa because, at least it works.

I'l have to buy the Kardia to get a ECG functio

User's recommendation: Don't buy the new Sense Fitbit - read all reviews.

Location: Freeport, New York

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