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Summary if you don't want to read everything: Fitbit does not stand behind their product, does not honor their own warranty, and does not provide anything remotely close to positive customer experience. Spend your money on their competition, or get a Chinese Knock-Off and save yourself $80+.

I purchased my Charge HR at the end of May 2017. Just recently the charging port no longer holds the charging cord tightly against the battery and therefore won't charge the unit. To put this into perspective, I usually have to charge it every three days, which means I've only plugged/unplugged the charging cord approximately 40 times in the life of the device thus far. I've always heard about how great Fitbit customer service was so I contacted them regarding this failure.

Initially they did not want to help and told me my device was out of warranty and that it was paired in 2016. It most certainly was NOT paired to my account in 2016, and I purchased the device new from I provided my receipt several times to support as I have worked with several unhelpful people who have at this point basically told me: too bad, but thanks for being a loyal customer. Are you SERIOUS??

Here is the deal, I've bought this device for myself, and several devices for my Wife and kids.

(Charge HR, Blaze, Charge HR2, Flex, and another of which I cannot remember the name.) I'm not going to go look up the prices on all of these but they are easily $100 each on average and that is most probably low-ball. Fitbit is going to lose an otherwise LOYAL CUSTOMER over a minute amount of warranty replacement cost to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fitbit Charge Hr Fitness Tracker.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Warranty, That it broke so quickly, Support service.

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The verified reps on here do nothing more than what happens when you call. It's absurd and obnoxious.


I had the very same experience. Broken charging band, less than a year old, told me it had been registered since Feb.

2015! (I bought mine in February of 2017.) They offered a percent off of another item. NO!

I've already paid $100 for the one I have that didn't last a year. I've purchase 2 fitbits and will never purchase another if their customer service is this ***!!



to Kat #1385896
Fitbit Verified Representative

Hi Kat,

We're sorry to hear about your experience with your Fitbit tracker and customer support. We'd be happy to a take second look at your case and review available options for you. Please respond to this message with your case number we'll take a look.

We look forward to your response.


Fitbit Support

Fitbit Verified Representative

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear about your experience. We'll be sure that your feedback will be heard by our team.

For us to review your case, please provide us with your support case number. Once we have this information, we may be able to look for other possible options that we can offer.


Fitbit Support

to FitbitSupport #1385375


to Just1pepsi #1385894
Fitbit Verified Representative


Thanks for providing your support case. We examined your case and confirmed that our team found out that the Charge HR is already our of warranty.

We've left a note on your case about your review and feedback here.

They'll further investigate the case and your account. You'll hear from them soon.

We very much appreciate your time with this.


Fitbit Support

to FitbitSupport #1385899

It’s not out of warranty. I bought it five months ago and it has a one year warranty. Re-read my complaint.

to Just1pepsi #1385929
Fitbit Verified Representative


Our apologies.

We're just saying what our team has investigated initially.

They will review the account again and your warranty.

We appreciate your patience while our team works on your case.


Fitbit Support

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