Hello, my name is Malina Fuller. I have a Fitbit charge 4 and I want to make a formal complaint because it does not do anything that it is advertised to do.

First thing, it does not accurately count steps, when Im walking and holding my dogs leash, it will not count the steps. However if Im sitting down and moving my arm it will count the steps, and I was told that this is accurate from the customer service, which I believe is a bunch of *** I was also told by customer service that it will track your sleep accurately even though it tracks your sleep when you are not sleeping because your arm is moving and when you are sleeping because of the movement of your arms, it has something to do with the movement of your arm which is totally and utterly ridiculous. I paid over $100 for this Fitbit and I am not satisfied.

If this is not remedied within the next few days I will be getting on social media and I will be telling them that the Fitbit is a fraud. I hope you have a blessed day.

User's recommendation: Don’t buy.

Location: Gastonia, North Carolina

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